Boon Choo

Asia Head of Operations - Manulife

Previously Asia Head of Operations -Metlife

Author - The Democratic Outcome State.

"I worked with Vijaya in Metlife in her role as Head of Operation & Services at PNB Metlife. This was a critical leadership role that managed the Operational capability of the company. Her leadership over a diverse team spread across India required her to be passionate about motivating her team and stakeholders that included Agencies and Bank partners.

Vijaya had stepped into the role that was previously held by men. The management team was also predominantly men. This did not deter her. Her passion and embracing personality put everyone who interacted with her at ease, even when issues were difficult and seemed intractable. She is truly people oriented and understands that leadership is about motivating others to achieve what they otherwise might not think possible."

Latha Vanamali


Rotary Club

Powai Mumbai

"Reading Vijaya’s articles on Positive Relationships is a pleasure. She has taken real life examples to explain. Each one of us identifies ourselves in those situations. They are really great guidelines for young parents. The only thought that came to my mind as I read her posts was ‘I wish I knew this! I would have been more careful.’ Sometimes I too wondered if I have caused any permanent damages in my children’s personality by not being that sensitive to their feelings. Wish we got another chance to bring up our kids!

Vijaya, keep up the good work! You are helping hundreds of young parents. Today’s children make up the world tomorrow! You are helping in building a better world! "

Sushma Kanchi


Orion CBSE School, Jalgaon

"I have used Life coach Mrs. Nene's parenting and mentoring tips several times during our school's parent-teachers' meet and other occasions. They have been extremely helpful for the parents of our wards and our teachers. The insights are very illuminating and transforming."

Samta Ahuja

Corporate Compliance, AML, POSH, and educational Specialist


Working with highly experienced person is always a different experience and the same can be felt when you are associated with Vijaya. She always gives her best to anything and being a good human ads to the quality of advice and work she does.

In her new assignment, she will be doing justice to her phenomenal experience.

My best wishes to her great venture.

Mahendra Munot

Associate Director - PNB MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd


“Vijaya is very positive, enthusiastic, trusting, respectful individual. She is a great listener and an excellent communicator. Needless to say that all these of her qualities makes her the finest Coach I ever came across.

I feel fortunate to have worked very closely with her for 5 years as my Manager. During this stint, I have personally experienced that how effective coaching can help one to reach its full potential. Vijaya takes an honest interest in an Individual’s development. Her passion is contagious and it spreads to everyone around."

Vivek Gupta

Senior Vice President

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd.


"I have worked with Vijaya for almost 4 years and she has just not mentored me for my official stuff but also guided me at multiple points in my personal life. She has a great ability of separating problems from the haze & helping people reach the solutions themselves and this clarity of thinking makes her special. In this new journey, I wish her best of luck to mentor, guide and help many more individuals."

Thanks & Regards,

Vishwanath Pai

Zonal Manager-South Operations & Service PNB Metlife


"My 14 years of association with Vijaya, truly most cherishing moments. As a Manager, she truly invests quality time in each of her team member’s over all development. Her passion for perfection is really amazing with emphasis on time management. She shows the empathy basis situation and has classic knack of getting the best of her team. She is truly the best coach and mentor with her detail orientation to smallest of small things. She does everything in orderly manner and expects the team to be so. With her vast knowledge on process, people friendly approach, open to employees at bottom of pyramid and above all a fantastic human being who speaks from heart.. always, makes her truly adorable person and tall leader. Post she took over as Director -Operations at Pnb MetLife, there was paradigm shift at entire function. She cultivated One Ops culture, encouraged innovations/ideation, Monthly virtual connect with entire team as listening post, Quarterly Zonal connect but most awaited l Ops Festival ie Annual Get Together called Met Sambhav, where we celebrated on Ops milestones and planned strategy for coming years. To sum up, leader who always gives her more than 100% for the team and walk her talk day in day out..Thank you Mam..for touching our lives !!"


Asif Raees

Zonal Service Manager –

North1 I India I PNB MetLife India


"I have had the pleasure of working with Vijaya for about a year and half as the Zonal Operation manager. This was my first opportunity working with an amazing person. I really enjoyed progressing my carrier professionally and personally.

Besides being a joy to work with, Vijaya takes interest in every person to enable creative ideas. She had successfully developed several Project for the company / function that have resulted in increased annual revenue. During her tenure we saw our function transformed from being a transaction-based function to revenue generating function. The new revenue was direct result of the projects and plan designed and implemented by her.

Though she was an asset to our transformation efforts, Vijaya was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas as well. She was very keen for the development of the Employees under her leadership professionally and personally. She always wanted people to grow professionally and was very instrumental in growth of lot of her team members."

Alex Tan

Author – Rapid Culture Change

AVP, Manulife Asia

A truly inspirational human being – Vijaya, she is a great leader at work and in life. I’m always inspired by her deep sense of purpose and responsibility to create positive change and help others grow. Most beautifully, Vijaya radiates authenticity, embraces vulnerability and encourage unity. She is able to connect with anybody because she is open about sharing her struggles, stories and journey of what it took for her to get where she is today. As a highly skillful mentor, Vijaya is very effective in helping leaders, friends and colleagues to reflect through their own experience, increase clarity and expand perspectives. She is hungry for new learnings, humble and has the heart to continuously make herself and anybody she touches a better human being in life.