Positive Parenting

For Parents: As parents we tell ourselves each day that we would want to be the best parent for our children – not yelling, not screaming sharing a loving bond only to figure out we yet again lost control on ourselves and did what we did not want to. We wonder the sweet little kid who was so good and obedient why is suddenly pushing us back on the boundaries of discipline. We wonder despite our best attempts, intentions and abundant love why the relationship still gets into those ugly moments. How do we set positive boundaries to our children that they observe willingly without force or constant reminders? How do we achieve the single most important objective of parenting that is to bring up children to be Capable, Responsible and Emotionally Matured adults. Mere good intent and abundant love do not make us good parents.


“Young Talent” module is for children who are 7 years and above. This module is intended to help the children grow confident, capable and responsible by way of strengthening their faculties that are not focused in conventional education system.

What is unique about the Coaching/Mentoring sessions: The most important qualities that propel individuals towards success are – having goals, decision making, self-discipline, self-control, patience, inter-personal skills, putting up with bullies, managing stress, judging the right or wrong, effective communication etc. are never taught to children.

Kids with these traits become competent all round and would be moving ahead in life with great confidence to become contributing citizens.

Parents have abundant love and great intentions for the children but often fall short of making sense to children as proximity breeds contempt and parents are also not equipped well.

In these Coaching sessions children are not judged or categorized with any grades – but only supported to become better every day – that boosts the confidence levels and positive outlook for the child. Every child is respected as individual without any comparisons.

External authority figure who has only one commitment to make the child become better would always help the positive parenting effort. As you choose a tuition class for your child or choose a coach for his sports practice– choose a life coach who can help them become strong enough to succeed in every aspect of life with right attitude towards living.