P®opale Women Talent

Corporate modules

Single biggest challenge corporates have today is lack of leadership and talent across the cadres. How can we encourage teams to use more discretionary effort to make that extra difference? Why trainings and workshops fail? Why employees feel practicing the principles picked up in training sessions is cumbersome and time consuming.

We become strong at what we keep practicing – practice does not make it perfect it makes permanent

  • How can we influence the behavior of the P®opaleemployees so that learning and self-development are sought by the employee than thrusted upon?

  • Leadership is like parenting – we really need to commit ourselves to the enhancement of the teams like we do with our children.

  • What if we help the employee become a better parent and help him/her practice the principles of leadership with the children?

  • Once the employee starts practicing the principles at home it spreads to work place as well.

  • Many Organizations commit to recruit the women talent. However, as the time passes, the talent of women pool starts dwindling. There is a direct co-relation between the leadership having adequate women leaders presence to the positive culture and performance metrics of organization.

  • Men and Women are different - like outdoor plants and indoor plants. We need to help women adapt and adjust and draw power from within and from trusted sources of strength consistently to foster this talent pool

  • While the work place is same for both men and women, it offers different challenges to women

  • We need to enable women to handle these challenges and become stronger in the process.

  • How can we retain the talent and prevent the loss because the women employees are not adequately equipped.

  • It all starts with a commitment to change

  • Having gone through this journey myself - I offer Coaching and Mentoring services to Women Leaders and employees