"Deeds of compassion might be invisible, but they leave a trail that is imprinted on the hearts of others."

Mrs. Vijaya Nene


About Me: With 33 years of work experience and 25 years of parenting experience, I decided to venture on to a new path that has been very close to my heart for quite some time. To make a positive difference at least to few people in this world – making them see things better, helping them find new meaning of the old and enabling them live their lives more intentionally with positivity. My journey of life so far offered me such beautiful opportunities helping me to constantly reflect upon things and making me a contrarian in choosing beliefs and pursuits. I can proudly reflect back on the transformation I could influence in all my roles enhancing the thinking of teams. My last role was Head of Operations & Services with an MNC.

About VNALE: Over these past two decades, where I was double hatting as a parent at home and as leader at work place, I started seeing so much similarity between Parenting and Leadership. In fact, I strongly believe parents have to embrace conscious leadership in bringing up the children and Leaders at Corporates have to embrace the principles of positive parenting. Both Leaders and Parents have the absolute responsibility to create value and enhance their teams and children over chasing the short-term metrics like business targets and grades in academics. That is the genesis of VNALE ((VIJAYA NENE ACADEMY FOR LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE), where Positive Parenting and Positive Leadership converge to produce Capable and Responsible human beings.


Enabling Capable and Responsible Individuals

Dedicated to

the fond memories of my father
and to the love of my parents


To equip parents and leaders of 21st century with positive parenting and positive leadership through Coaching and Mentoring.

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